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You ever see one of those really pretty bullet journal pages and wish you had something like that for tracking your NaNoWriMo progress but have absolutely no artistic ability? I was having that very feeling when I decided to make this cool NaNoWriMo 2019 word count coloring calendar. It’s Frankenstein-ed from several pieces of clip art and a NaNoWriMo word count calendar I made myself and it’s ideal for making a pretty visual chart of your writing progress this month.

Printed on each date is the number of words you should have by the end of that day to be on track.

This printable NaNoWriMo calendar also has 50 books on the bottom so that you can color a book for every thousand words you write on the road to 50,000 words. It’s a ton of fun to watch the bookshelf fill up as you make progress on your word count goal. Hang it somewhere prominent to motivate yourself and let everyone else watch your writing progress over the course of the month!

Beyond that, how you use it is up to you! Here are some ideas:

  • Color each day that you write
  • Use one color for days when you were at or above the daily goal, another for days you weren’t
  • Use different colors to represent days where you were above or below the target 1,667 words

However you decide to use it, please download, print, share and enjoy!