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Random plot generators for writer’s block (& a laugh)

by Mar 9, 2010National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Playwriting2 comments

If you are stuck for an idea for Script Frenzy, NaNoWriMo or another other project, sometimes you just need a little creative push. Or maybe you have a few seconds to kill and you just want a laugh. Either way, a random plot generator can help you out either way. There are many, many out there to choose from. There are also genre specific ones so do a quick search for fantasy plot generator, horror plot generator, etc. Whatever you write, someone probably has made a random plot generator for it. 🙂 They can be a great tool for a big project, deciding what happens next in your story or as inspiration for daily writing.

I feel these work best when they throw ideas out there and keep it simple, letting your imagination fill in the rest. But if you have many of the details of your plot set and just want someone to randomize them, a quick Google search can find you many random plot generators like that.

Want to play with one? Here are a few I like but if I missed your favorite, please feel free to add it in the comments. There are many, many more out there but these are some of my picks (I like them short, instead, say, of like this.)

( I originally wrote this post for Screnzy but I think nearly all of these work for NaNoWriMo as well even if they claim to be script generators. Ideas are ideas, I say.)

    • Random Logline Generator! This one is really great. Just a quick little plot scenario, this is one based more in realistic fiction than most (ie, not horror, fantasy or sci fi).
    • Script Frenzy plot generator. “In a world where cats are currency a life-long bachelor sets out to write a new national anthem.” The most laughs for your button press, the official Screnzy plot generator on their homepage is a great way to waste a few minutes laughing at scenarios.
    • Movie Plot Generator. Also great, this one gives you a plot, title and other fun details that make it worth a look even if all you want is a quick laugh.
    • Story Generator. This one lets you pick a genre (only Fantasy, Sci Fi, Modern or random) and also lets you pick how many story ideas it gives you. Simple, but good.
    • Writer’s Plot Generator. This one is also simple but great. It is also not genre specific and tends to give out more realistic prompts over genre prompts.
    • Random Plot Generator. Created specifically for Script Frenzy 2010, this plot generator tends to give more genre ideas but has some very funny plot suggestions. From SooGuy68.



So those are some of the ones I like to use for fun and writing prompts. What are you favorites to use? Or have you made one that you want to share? Either way, post the links below so we can try them out as well!


  1. didi

    that site doesn’t work vince. stop posting rubbish


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