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Sometimes I read books on recommendations from friends or bloggers whose opinions I trust. Sometimes I read things because I feel like I should be keeping up with the industry. Sometimes I read things I feel are probably “good for me” the literary equivalent of broccoli. Sometimes the book cover just looks shiny. But every now and then I have a very instant reaction to something. I take one look at it and just know instinctively I’m going to love it.

I felt that way about Vampirates which I loved though the series went downhill very rapidly which made me sad. But I *loved* the first book.

I knew from the description that I was going to love Soulless and that series has continued to be one of my absolute favorites.

I had the same gut reaction to The Ghost and the Goth. Finding out the author was a Roswell fan was just icing on the cake. Now we’re Twitter buddies. I love the internet.

My latest “I’m just going to love this!” moment happened recently and my husband laughed at my selection, as he often does. But scoff if you will, I know how to pick ’em (at least for my tastes).

But come on! How can a graphic novel of Homer’s The Odyssey not be awesome? And, of course, it totally is.