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So, here’s a little something I’ve never talked about on this blog before…

Back in 2008, Hilarity Ensues, an imprint of Priced Nostalgia, put out a book called Through the Flashlight’s Beam: a collection of classic scary stories for reading aloud. This book was a collaborative effort and, though a bunch of us worked on it, none of our names appear anywhere on it. And that’s fine. It’s somewhat appropriate that we all “ghost” wrote or edited our parts because of the spirit (heh) of the project. It’s actually become pretty popular which is very gratifying to see people enjoying your work even if they have no idea you had anything to do with it.

Take a look at the cover. If you know me in real life, you may recognize our cover model. (Hint: It’s not me. Or my husband.)

But one thing that I did want to mention is this: We really wanted to include Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein somewhere in the collection because it’s such a Halloween staple. But, unlike Dracula which had an excerpt published as a short story in the author’s lifetime, there was no short story version of Frankenstein. Except that… if you have a copy of Flashlight’s Beam, you’ve noticed that there IS a short story version called Frankenstein’s Bride which is an excerpt from the novel in the same way that Dracula’s Guest is an excerpt from Dracula.

I’m the one behind that short story version of Frankenstein. I’m the… what? Editor? Abridger? Who knows?

I’ve never mentioned this before because it felt silly. I didn’t really do anything other than find a section of the novel that could stand on its own and work it into a stand alone story. But even though this took some time, I didn’t actually create something new, I just mucked with existing content to make something new. (Hmmm… I may have just described my playwright career…)

In fact, you could say that I Frankensteined Frankenstein. 😉

But Hilarity Ensues does get questions from time to time the gist of which are, “Where the hell did you people get this short story version of Frankenstein?” so I thought maybe I should out myself at last. They got it from me, y’all.

Anyway, now that I’ve come out of (one of my) ghost writing closets I wanted to direct your attention to this post from Priced Nostalgia that outlines how you can win a copy of this very book. The contest runs until Friday so get in on that.

Oh and if you wanted to, I don’t know, buy the book and read Frankenstein’s Bride or something… that’d be cool. 😉