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Clearly, blogging has gotten complete out of hand the last few weeks. I took the time to explain a bit of why over on The Whine Seller so I won’t repeat myself here. I will say, in addition to being busy, one of the reasons I’ve been so quiet is that there are a whole bunch of things going on right now that I can’t tell you about yet and I feel a little muzzled.

I hate to be vague but I promise I’ll have at least two big things to announce in the next few weeks so hang with me. If all goes to my master plan, there may be even more announcements beyond that but we’ll see how things shake out. Life is pretty crazy this year, lots of exciting stuff happening all at once.

Anyway, here’s a little something I *can* tell you about at least.

While my previous record high was #4, my eBook, Beyond Amazon, eBay, and Etsy: free and low cost alternative marketplaces, shopping cart solutions and e-commerce storefronts, just hit #2 on the Bestseller list for books on eBay on Amazon. The #1 book is NYT bestselling author Marsha Collier who has multiple entries on the list and is a friend so it hurts less but I do keep obsessively refreshing in the hopes I climb over her, even if it’s just for a second so I can take a screenshot.

I’ll probably drop back down in a few hours but, hey, being a bestseller for a second still counts as being a bestseller. Even Akon agrees.

Considering I a) haven’t really been blogging consistently and b) do basically nothing to market that book other than just existing online, I am really pleased that it’s picked up enough momentum to make that climb on its own.

Also cool? At this moment, I’m also #4 on the Bestseller list for E-commerce and, to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never cracked the Top Ten for that category before.

You know, guys, there are moments… just moments mind you… when I have a feeling I may actually almost know what I’m doing.

Scary, right?