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Also, I noticed that your books have their own publishing moniker: Hilarity Ensues. How can I get my own imprint if I’m using CreateSpace? It seems like they don’t give you that option.

I have a registered LLC that I own and we also possess the Trading As name, Hilarity Ensues. In that capacity, our accounts are under the business name with both Bowker and CreateSpace. I don’t know if our account is any different from the one anyone would get by signing up today (the account & contract were originally with Booksurge and then Amazon bought Booksurge and merged it with CreateSpace so I have never had a “normal” Createspace account) but you should be able to specify an imprint with them. Email your account rep and they should be able to take care of it for you if the option isn’t there.

Just make sure you’ve registered the rights to use it with local government at the least if not on the national level. It’s a few annoying forms and a small fee but well worth it to avoid future legal headaches. You can’t just make up a publisher name and start using it, that’s not a thing.

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