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My meta suspense drama, Three Padded Walls, is now available through YouthPLAYS.  That means they’ve got printable eScripts and bound acting editions (with an extended Q & A session with yours truly I think you’ll enjoy) up for sale as well as a very generous preview that lets you read all but the last few lines of the play for free right now! YouthPLAYS is also the only place where you can license productions for amature, school or professional use. 

With a runtime of around 10 minutes, majority female roles, the flexibility to be a duo or trio piece and super simple staging, it’s a great choice for schools, classroom scene practice,  forensics or drama competitions. AND it passes the Bechdel–Wallace test! What more could you ask for?

While I’ll do a real picture of the printed cover once it’s in my grubby little hands, here’s a peek at the digital version.

Three Padded Walls Cover

Somehow I was not expecting pink!