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Looking for ideas for staging Three Padded Walls? I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have some great productions of my play, Three Padded Walls, and I wanted to share some of these great productions with you. Rather than bombard you with a dozen posts on this, I thought I’d do a single post with all the production photos I have so far. 

Firstly, the show was first performed at EF International Academy in NY and, while I don’t have any stills from that production, there’s a video of that performance here:

The second performance was Off Off Broadway and there’s a recording of that production which I blogged about here, but there were also some great stills from that production taken by director Eric Leeb.

I also saw a great production of the show locally at The Dover Little Theatre and director Michael Jay shared these production photos from that run.

Have you done a production of Three Padded Walls? I’d love for you to share some photos or a link to your video below!