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Jane Austen square

What happens when you take Jane Austen’s six classic novels and mix them up with nine of the most popular genres of today? With anywhere from two to a dozen or more actors running around wildly playing all the parts? And then do the whole mess in less time than it takes to ask a gecco for an insurance quote?

If you’re dying to find out, you’ll want to head on over to YouthPLAYS where The Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Now New and Improved! is now available in both eBook and printed acting edition. Whether you take it to drama competition or just use it for some forensics fun, I know you’ll enjoy this a fast and funny tour through the works of Jane Austen. There’s also a free preview so you can start reading the show right now here.

Speaking of Jane Austen, look what someone got me for my birthday:

Jane Austen socks

So metal.

Jane Austen socks! I first wore them to a NaNoWriMo write-in which seemed appropriate.