Remember all those annoying books they made you read in high school? Well, they’re getting the roast they deserve in this new collection from YouthPLAYS called Lit on Fire! Full of funny shorts for classrooms, competitions and forensics, the plays can also be performed in any combination for a full length evening. Featuring some of the most popular youth playwrights writing today… and also me! A slightly abridged version of my play, The Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Now New and Improved! is part of the collection.

You can read a generous free preview of almost the entire play as well as purchase digital or printed scripts here so head on over and check it out


Lit on Fire: Twelve Short Parodies of Reading List Classics
by Hillary DePiano, Jonathan Dorf, Jeff Goode, Arthur M. Jolly, Laura King, Laura Lewis-Barr, Rex McGregor, Dylan Schifrin, Keegon Schuett, Abigail Taylor-Sansom, Jeri Weiss and Don Zolidis

About the Play
Performable Comedy Collection. 120-140 minutes (flexible). 6+ females, 4+ males (11-100+ performers possible—8 or fewer if not all 12 plays are produced). High school and older performers (with many plays being suitable for advanced middle school performers), and middle school and older audiences.

The plays may be performed in any order (and with any titles left out). To perform any play in this collection individually, please visit its dedicated page.

They may have appeared on your high school reading list, or maybe only in your nightmares, but now twelve YouthPLAYS authors are striking a match and burning down the classics…with their pens and computer keyboards. Whether it’s the complete works of Jane Austen gone full-on Hollywood*, Count Dracula as a cafeteria cook, or Huck Finn running away from his story only to have it catch up with him again–to name just a few–get ready to light up the literary canon with this scorchingly funny new collection.

*=That one’s mine.

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