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I haven’t done a random post like this in ages. I’ve been all professional and organized with blog posts that have topics and everything. I’m so fancy! ūüėČ Anyway, here’s some random things that don’t deserve their own blog posts…

  • I’ve been undecided on all the Muppet Movie trailers (see Green with Envy, The Fuzzy Pack and Being Green). I have to confess to laughing like mad at the “Kermit the F…rog” delivery of the VO guy in Green with Envy and I love the end of Being Green (when he references the parody trailers and they show the tagline “Not in Swedish. We Promise” which is hilarious.) But it’s like, just show us a normal movie trailer already, you know? I’m very nervous about this movie. I really want it to be good. My hopes are simultaneously up and down.
  • I feel somewhat the same about the new TMNT animated show. Except that while I’m cautiously¬†optimistic¬†about the Muppets, I have no faith in Nickelodeon so I’m just basically hoping it doesn’t stink too much. I am too invested in this things, I know…
  • The My Little Pony Convention is coming up the on July 8th. I’m going on behalf of Priced Nostalgia and OMG do I have insane amounts of things I need to finish before then. Trying to be zen. Failing. The fact that we only 22 days away from it kind of makes me panic. But I’ll get it all done. I have to.
  • In other news, I decided to take a class this summer. It starts 3 days before I have to leave for the MLP convention which is a large part of my stress. I’m taking a playwriting class. I know, I know, I’m already a published playwright and allegedly I already know how to write a play. First of all, I¬†believe¬†that you are never done learning. Secondly I also have never, ever actually taken a class on¬†playwriting (thought I’ve taken 9 million classes on play reading and analysis). I¬†feel like I don’t ¬†know what I don’t know. I wanted to, at least once in my life, learn the basics and get an overview of the form. So, yeah, playwrighting class. This July through August. Good times.
  • The other big reason I’m taking this class is that it’s very heavy on critique and peer evaluation. I have three plays that I haven’t shared with you because they all still need some work and I thought it might be nice to have the chance to workshop these in the classroom setting. It seemed like a way to kill two birds with one stone by learning a bit about the form while simultaneously polishing some stuff that is oh so close to being there. So I’m trying to do as much work on them as possible before class starts so I’m at least getting feedback on the best I can do on my own.
  • On ¬†related note, I’ve been editing the *heck* out of The Muppet Play. (Muppet play doesn’t have as much to do with the Muppets as the name would suggest.) I actually loved my first draft which NEVER happens so now I’m paranoid that I’m either onto something really good or have become delusional. I’m going to be¬†work-shopping¬†parts of it in class but I’ll be looking for Beta readers for it by the end of the summer so, if you are interested, please let me know. It’s a full length play but still way shorter than a novel. It may not be terrible.
  • I was talking out a plot point in Muppet Play with my husband when I realized he may not know what I’m talking about. I ask, “Have I ever talked to you about this work in progress before? Do you even know what it’s about?”
    He says, “Yeah, that’s the play about the guy who, like… paints. And then there’s like this show or something and there’s this other guy…. and then something about the Muppets.”
    That’s totally my elevator pitch.¬†Doesn’t it sound awesome?Remind me not to let him write the book blurb. And yet, it’s still better then his tag line for Mistress Novel.
  • Speaking of poor put upon husband, he was helping me edit a press release the other day and it was one of those spend-an-hour-on-paragraph kind of things where you write a word, delete it, and then 20 minutes later just end up writing the same word again and it feels like progress. He was¬†flummoxed¬†by this process and was carrying on afterwards about it like it was the hardest thing he’d ever done. My take on this was: Didn’t you do editing like this for school papers? Because I sure as heck did. Apparently he didn’t even re-read them before handing them in which, when you consider that we both got the same grades in high school, depresses me. Maybe PA schools are just easier. Yes, let’s go with that.

Anyway, as you can see, all work and no play makes Hillary write long rambling blog posts.