So, my failing health aside, you wonder, how are things? I haven’t written a personal post in a while because, frankly, I’ve been mostly miserable and who wants to hear me whine? Nobody. But you know I’m sick so there’s no point on dwelling on that. What else is going on, you wonder?

I’ve been on Tumblr for a while but I’d only been using my personal blog as an archive of my Twitter posts until recently. I’ve actually started to use it as an actual second blog now if you’re interested. I mostly reblog things from my various hobbies and obsessions and other random things that amuse me so it’s a little peek into my twisted little mind.

I’ve talked a good bit about Script Frenzy from the How To side but I never told you folks what I was actually writing this month. The answer to that is… complex. I’m being a Screnzy rebel this year. My goal is to finish editing at least two of my plays in progress by the end of the month and one must be The Muppet Play. Every page I finish editing, I can count towards the Script Frenzy goal. I just have too many things in progress to justify starting something new this year. Except…

…because I don’t feel like it’s right to be a rebel and call it a win, I’m making it harder on myself than the 100 page goal by adding in a few other things.

In addition to the editing goal I mentioned above, I’m also writing a horror movie with my family that we plan to shoot this summer for our own amusement. My share of that is about 25 pages since there are four of us writing but it’s another thing on my plate. ( I also started another random play and wrote two pages of it before I was like, “Jesus Christ, DePiano, stop it! Finish the other stuff first!”)

I’m also about 40k behind on my word count goals for the year at this very moment. To catch up by the end of the month, I’d need to write about 80k this month. So, insane as it may seem, I’m including being caught up by the end of the month in the goal as well. Obviously, the movie writing and script editing will count towards that goal but I’ll probably also have to add other projects in to get there. I’ve never written that many words in a month before in my life but, hey, if you don’t reach for the stars, right? And it would be pretty sweet to be caught up.

When I mathed it out, if I finish everything I set out to do this month, I’ll have finished just under 350 pages of writing. So, a completely insane number.

The thing I’m struggling with is, do I actually record all this writing on the Script Frenzy site? It’s (almost) all script writing and I’m doing it in the name of the April challenge so I kind of want “credit” for all the work I’m doing. At the same time, because I’m being a rebel, it doesn’t feel right to throw such a huge page stack up there. But, if I don’t record them all, where do I draw the line? Screnzy rebels writing novels are posting their page counts, why shouldn’t I record my multiple script projects? I guess it will depend on how the month goes down.

Though, if I pass 100 pages in the first week like I’m hoping to do, to heck with it all, I’m positing it because how awesome would that be? 🙂

To sum up, I’m planning a crazy productive April to make up for the fact that I basically lost almost all of February and March to illness. Of course, this plan would be easier to implement if I were actually over said illness but here’s hoping that too will come in time.

So, what’s your plan for April?

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