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Tomorrow is the exact middle of the year. That just blows my mind because it does NOT feel like we are halfway through this year and also fills me with panic. There’s so much I wanted to do this year and, while I have gotten a lot done, there have been several stretches, and I’m in the midst of one right now, when I have gotten next to nothing accomplished because life was b-a-n-a-n-a-n-a-s. But I thought I’d take my own advice and take stock of how 2014 is going so far because a little reflection never hurt anybody.

Here’s where I am right smack in the middle of 2014…

I wrote and published two plays (The Love of Three Oranges (One Act Version) and New Year’s Thieve) and sold electronic rights for a third (Polar Twilight). That’s all very good. In fact, if everything I’ve set in motion this year come to fruition, this could be my biggest year yet in my writing career. While I am still not finished with the follow-up to my TA book, I am VERY close to finished with that and hope to have it available soon. So, while I wish that was something that I could cross off the list, I’m consoled by the fact that at least I’m getting there.

On the day job side, I was expecting to be disappointed at how things were going because the numbers aren’t so hot for the first half and I feel like I never get time to work on it but we just signed a bunch of contracts and made some new hires and, if all these things work out, this could be a very big year in the end. I’m cautiously optimistic on that front.

My writing goal is the only thing I’m feeling a little leery of so far. The two rah-rah posts I did recently about it were actually written many weeks ago and, since then, I’ve gotten myself in a spot of bother. Namely: the Trading Assistant book is taking up so much time and I want to be finished with it so badly that I made the mistake of working on it exclusively for a few weeks instead of keeping with the plan of genre hopping. Now, not only is that book still not finished, but I’m so far ahead in the word count for Non-Fiction writing because of all that work I did on that one book that I’m very behind on both Prose Fiction and Playwriting, Prose especially. Now it’s this Catch 22 where I want desperately to be finished with the TA book but every time I work on it, I make myself a little more behind in the other two categories.

I know things will be better once that project is done and that I should just power through but it’s discouraging how much catch-up there is to be done and I feel like I make the problem worse the more I work which is something I need to fix about my goal but I don’t know how. On the plus side, I made some headway in the rewrite of Mistress Novel a few weeks ago and have two new play projects in the works that fans of The Love of Three Oranges are going to be very excited about. (Let’s just say I’ve been hitting the research pretty hard and cracking open some books on commedia dell’arte I haven’t touched since college and, Gozzi help me, I may be doing not one but two TLOTO sequels…) So while I’m behind right now, once I get the TA book done for good, I at least know what I’ll be working on to get caught up.

But to give myself that extra kick in the pants, I signed up for the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s not going to be easy to somehow cram writing 50k into my already way too busy life but if I don’t try to get even more work done with less time, I won’t be able to get where I want to be. Even if I don’t manage the full 50,000 words, at least I’ll get a good chunk of words down and that’s better than nothing.

As for life, well, it’s just really great right now. OK, yeah, the baby is sick at the moment and no one is getting any sleep and she doesn’t nap so I can’t work during the day unless I can get someone over to watch her for a bit which is rare but all of that seems really unimportant in the big picture. The little one is growing up WAY too fast and I’m trying to enjoy every second of it even as they feel like they are flying past.

When I look back at this year so far, I can honestly say that, even with spending as much time as I am doing things with my daughter that don’t really allow me to work, I’m still accomplishing things without feeling like I’m compromising time with her. Not as many things as I need or want to but, still: things are being accomplished. While time will tell how things pan out and I’ll be the first to admit that I do need to snag a little more time for work soon because there are some very important things falling by the wayside because I just haven’t had the time, it does seem like things are going pretty well.

It’s funny. I was feeling very apprehensive about this mid-year reflection but writing it all down like that… maybe I’m on track after all! Or at least I’m not doing as badly as I feared I was. See? Taking the time to write it out really is helpful!

What about you? Is your writing year shaping up the way you thought it would?