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I’ve been using the same desk lamp since middle school. It’s the world’s most generic black desk lamp with little cubbies on the bottom for paper clips and mouse skulls or whatever people keep in there. I’ve used it this long because it’s perfectly serviceable apart from the fact that the shade part is made from some kind of cardboardish wood that tends to burst into flame if the bulb is on too long.

(I’m not joking. There are actual scorch marks on the inside and a chunk is missing from an earlier incident.)

If you’re wondering how I’ve managed this long with a lamp that randomly bursts into flame, it’s because I have only rarely used it since school. In both college and our old house, I used the overhead light in my office to work by and only used the desk lamp for detail work like crafts. But, in my office in the new house, the overhead light is actually two lights which together have the combined brightness of four suns. It’s way too much light for life, let alone evenings when I’m trying to get my write on and the kids are sleeping. Eventually, we’ll rewire stuff but ain’t no one got time for that right now so, in the meantime, I’m using the good ole desk lamp of spontaneous combustion.

I can only leave it on for so long before is starts to smell a little burny so I’m terrified to leave the room when it’s on. There is no angle where the light doesn’t hurt my eyes if I make the mistake of looking at it. It’s also super ugly.

To this end, I have been casually searching for a new desk lamp for a while now and I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the number of options out there. I like the ones with the little USB plug on them, more naturalish lighting might be a nice change from flamey the lightbulb of doom over here and, hey, color change looks fun for playing with writing mood or maybe it’s pointless idk.

But do I want a silly novelty one or a fancy pretentious writer one? Or do I literally just get the cheapest one that’s just like the one I’ve got… but without the flame on feature?

Which is why I turn to you and ask… what are you using to light your write? What lamp do you have on your desk and what do you love about it? I’m taking recommendations because something has got to be better than this thing.

Fun or functional, lay your suggestions on me!